Highlights 2021 - Annual report of UN Women in Turkey

Highlights of 2021
UN Women Turkey

UN Women in Turkey works closely with the Government, civil society organizations, the private sector, media, as well as UN and international partners to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment in all spheres of life.

In 2021, UN Women Turkey made major strides in delivering on its mandate  in  the  areas  of  increasing  women's  participation  and  leadership  in  political  and  economic  decision-making;  advancing  gender-responsive  governance;  preventing  and  combating  different  forms  of  violence  against  women  and  girls;  advancing  gender-sensitive  refugee  responses;  trans-forming  harmful  norms  and  values;  and  engaging  youth,  men and boys in achieving gender equality.

UN Women also reinforced its partnership and engagement with civil society, public   institutions   and   the   private   sector   through   new   programmes. UN Women implemented a diverse portfolio of projects and programmes, adapting them to respond to the growing and changing needs of women and girls amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and climate crises.

Highlights 2021 report tells UN Women Turkey's story over the year 2021 and presents its work and main results achieved under the programmes and campaigns.

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