Media contacts

Gizem Yarbil Gürol
Communications and Advocacy Specialist
UN Women – Europe and Central Asia Regional Office
E-mail: [Click to reveal]Tel: +31615222481

Yllka Parllaku
Media and Communications Specialist
UN Women – Albania Office
E-mail:Tel: +355445025555

Sanja Vuletic
Programme Assistant
UN Women – Bosnia and Herzegovina Office
E-mail:Tel: +38733293567

Gvantsa Asatiani
Communications Analyst
UN Women – Georgia Office
E-mail:Tel: +995599517371

Sabina Mendybayeva
Communications Analyst
UN Women – Kazakhstan Office
E-mail:Tel: +77172696544

Anisa Bina
National UN Volunteer Specialist
UN Women – Kosovo Office
E-mail:Tel: +38344284120

Meriza Emilbekova
Communications Specialist
UN Women – Kyrgyzstan Office
E-mail:Tel: +996770078525

Mirjana Nedeva
Communications and Knowledge Management Officer
UN Women – North Macedonia Office
E-mail:Tel: +38972234489

Nicoleta Carlig
Communications Associate
UN Women – Moldova Office
E-mail:Tel: +37368837619

Bojana Barlovac
Communications Consultant
UN Women – Serbia Office
E-mail:Tel: +381641245345

Bonu Shambezoda
Programme Assistant
UN Women – Tajikistan Office
E-mail:Tel: +992935114411

Ebru Demirel
Communications Support
UN Women – Turkey Office
E-mail:Tel: +903129451233

Tayfun Yilmaz
Communications Analyst
UN Women – Turkey Office
E-mail:Tel: +905321611315

Narmina Strishenets
Advocacy and Communications Analyst
UN Women – Ukraine Office
E-mail:Tel: +30504257930