UN Women in Action: Economic Empowerment

UN Women partners with governments and civil society to empower women in businesses, the workforce and other economic activities. Recent achievements include:

  • With the support of UN Women, countries in the ECA region have adopted new ways of advancing women’s economic independence by providing development opportunities to women and setting up key strategic partnerships. Across the region, 2,223 women have undertaken training on economic empowerment, 526 companies have engaged with UN Women on supporting the development of their female employees, and 21 small grants were given to women’s groups working on economic empowerment.
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities targeted at women’s development and economic security were set up in Moldova, Georgia and Serbia. With UN Women technical support, 3 women in Georgia won the government’s Enterprise Georgia Grant Competition, while 800 women in rural Serbia had the opportunity to improve their knowledge and develop new skills for entrepreneurship in the agriculture and digital markets.
  • In Georgia, 50 women participated in internships or mentorship programmes or received scholarships provided by private businesses. 150 women received trainings, and 49 received grants and 15 took part in a wine-making and agri-business study tour to Italy.
  • 200 Moldovan girls from both rural and urban areas acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to develop their own IT products. 
  • Through UN Women’s entrepreneurship programme in Serbia, 197 women from vulnerable groups increased their capacities to generate income through organized trainings and mentorship on organic production, business development, computer literacy, and digital entrepreneurship. 
  • In Kyrgyzstan, 14 women’s self-help groups have improved their knowledge and skills on how to generate income and livelihoods as well as developed connections with Water Users’ Associations and Local Self-Governments to ensure their full inclusion and participation at the local level.