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Promoting gender-responsive refugee responses at the regional and country level

Under the RRP, UN Women Europe and Central Asia is supporting and coordinating with humanitarian partners, UN agencies and refugee response structures, at regional and country level, to ensure that gender-specific concerns are considered. UN Women is supporting national partners in Moldova to ensure that the most vulnerable refugee women, including gender-based violence survivors and those at-risk, have access to comprehensive and gender-responsive protection services. UN Women has collaborated closely with UNHCR in Moldova, Slovakia and Poland to ensure that the voices of women’s organizations are amplified, while developing capacity-building initiatives for humanitarian actors and knowledge products on gender-responsive humanitarian action. Find out more about these efforts at the following links:

Strengthening gender responses and the prevention of violence against women and girls in the Ukraine Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis

UN Women Europe and Central Asia is also in the process of executing an intervention in connection with the UN Ukraine Transitional Framework for 2023 and the Regional Refugee Response. The objective is to contribute towards ensuring that conflict-affected women and girls have access to high-quality, coordinated protection and livelihoods services and have increased resources and capacities to build the resilience of their families and communities. The intervention is being implemented by both UN Women Ukraine and the UN Women Europe and Central Asia Regional Office.