Research on gender characteristics of women entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan

Research on gender characteristics of women entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan
UN Women Kazakhstan

Women entrepreneurs face discrimination from society and institutions when choosing their business field, applying for funding, contacting business partners, and dealing with property and collateral issues. Compared with men, women entrepreneurs are more likely to balance business activities with family responsibilities, education and their leisure time.

This report covers the situation of women entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan. Despite approximate demographic equality and higher levels of education, only 29% of companies are headed by women. These companies are generally less protable, but more transparent and socially oriented. At the same time, women entrepreneurs are more law-abiding and less susceptible to corruption and risk. In this sense, the involvement of women in business is highly benecial to society, since it contributes to stability, legality, and reduction of corruption.

This report has tried to identify the indicators that are responsible for the development of women's entrepreneurship, as well as to suggest ways to measure them comprehensively, thus providing the possibility to track progress in this direction. In addition to examining the situation with women's businesses, this report provides a broader range of recommendations in various areas, from legislation to business practice.

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