Announcement: “Technical and Logistical Support for Women’s and Women’s Organizations’ Networks and Platforms; for Individual Members or Affiliates of Women’s Civil Society Organizations; and Women’s Rights Advocates in Turkey"


UN Women will provide needs-based and demand-driven technical and logistical support to existing and aspiring networks and platforms, and individual members or affiliates of women’s civil society organizations (CSOs) and women’s rights advocates in order to advance gender equality, women’s empowerment and the overall women’s rights agenda.  UN Women invites eligible organizations and individuals to submit their requests for technical and logistical support, to finance a limited range of eligible activities as elaborated in this announcement.

Technical and logistical support will be provided to the following eligible requesters:

i. Women’s networks or platforms working in Turkey. Both existing and aspiring networks and platforms may submit requests 

ii. Individual members or affiliates of women’s civil society organizations and women’s rights advocates based in Turkey 

Please refer to the announcement for more information regarding the eligibility criteria.

As a result of this announcement, 

  • Minimum 15 individual members or affiliates of women’s CSOs and/or women’s rights advocates, and
  • Minimum 5 women’s networks or platforms that are already existing and those that aspire to establish such networks and platforms will be supported.

This call will be open until 30 April 2023, Turkey midnight time.

Announcement (DOCX)

Announcement (PDF)

Info meeting presentation (PDF)

The technical and/or logistical support shall be provided after the requests are assessed by UN Women on a rolling basis. UN Women will notify the requesters about the decision by e-mail. UN Women reserves the right to close the announcement in case the total budget for this support is fully allocated before 30 April 2023.

E-mail address for sending the requests: [ Click to reveal ]

An online information meeting was organized for potential requesters on 17 May 2022. Please click here to view the presentation from the information meeting.

This support is provided within the framework of the “Strengthening civil society capacities and multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance women’s rights and gender equality in Turkey” (short name- ‘Strong Civic Space for Gender Equality’) project implemented by UN Women Turkey with the financial support of the European Union.