Report on Unpaid Domestic Work of Women in Kazakhstan

FINAL - ENG - Исследование неоплачиваемого труда
Nugmanova M.S., Salimzhanova A.S., Zhaksylykov M.S., Yerbosynov, T. A., Kusainkyzy, A.

This study aims to explore how the state can help its citizens gain confidence in life when help is given to care for dependent family members, including children, seniors, and people with disabilities. The Republic of Kazakhstan offers equal opportunities and assistance to all citizens of the country regardless of their gender, age and health. Traditionally, in Kazakhstan, women are responsible for caring for children and dependent family members, so they need help and support. In addition to assistance in the form of cash benefits, the state can help women enter paid employment by taking care of pre-school children and dependent family members, thereby freeing them from an excessive workload at home. This issue, although costly for the state, allows women to gain a greater degree of freedom, earn more and have the opportunity to socialize in society.

This study examines the impact of public investment on the care of pre-school children and dependent family members, thereby addressing the problem of unemployment by creating additional jobs and increasing women's economic activity.

The objective of the project is to substantiate the relationship between unpaid work at home and expansion of the system of care services for pre-school children and dependent family members, so increasing the level of female employment.

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