Role of Family in HIV Reduction in the Republic of Uzbekistan/Роль семьи в снижении риска ВИЧ-инфицирования в Республике Узбекистан

UN Women project team in Uzbekistan, Women's Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Editor: Ekaterina Lazareva

The training manual, Role of the Family in HIV Reduction in the Republic of Uzbekistan, presents basic HIV/AIDS information with a gender equality perspective, proposes measures to reinforce the national HIV/AIDS response in Uzbekistan and outlines methodological issues in HIV-training.

Developed by a UN Women Uzbekistan project team for training programmes that aim to increase awareness and deepen understanding of the family's fundamental role in preventing HIV infection and mitigating its consequences for individuals and their families, the manual is intented for trainers, government bodies and local and national NGOs.

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