Media Advisory: Regional Gender Task-Force and Gender in Humanitarian Action Working Group to organize a social media campaign to mark International Women's Day


March 5, 2024 - The Ukraine Refugee Response Regional Gender Task Force (RGTF) and the Gender in Humanitarian Action Working Group (GiHA WG) in Ukraine are jointly organizing a social media campaign to mark the International Women's Day on 8 March 2024. With the theme declared by UN Women as "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress", the initiative aims to highlight and celebrate the roles of women and adolescent girls in non-traditional and male-dominated sectors and their contributions to economic recovery and growth in Ukraine and refugee hosting countries, as well as countering prevailing stereotypes about women's roles in society.

The impact of the war in Ukraine disproportionately affects women, especially those leading households. They experience higher unemployment rates, a greater dependence on humanitarian assistance, and challenges in accessing information, resources, and opportunities. Female-headed households, particularly in rural areas with limited employment opportunities, are especially vulnerable to extreme livelihood needs. Women, especially those internally displaced or refugees, are crucial for societal rebuilding and economic recovery, yet they often face barriers in accessing non-traditional and male-dominated sectors due to harmful social norms and labor market segregation.

As part of the four-day campaign that kicks off on March 8, 2024, UN Women, CARE International, OXFAM and Divchata will share statistics, infographics and visuals showcasing key data related to women’s roles in economic recovery and impact of the invasion on women and girls in Ukraine. They will also share human interest stories focusing on women and girls who have excelled in their traditional and non-traditional roles and inspired others with exemplary works in society. Join the conversation and follow the campaign on the following Social Media Platforms:

UN Women
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CARE International
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Instagram: @oxfaminternational
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