Women’s Entrepreneurship Satellite Expo 2023 in Kazakhstan

Women’s Entrepreneurship Satellite Expo 2023 in Kazakhstan
The Women’s Entrepreneurship Satellite Expo 2023 in Kazakhstan is organized by UN Women and aims to contribute to the growth and sustainability of women-led businesses in the country and the region, all while championing gender equality and economic empowerment. Full details ▼
Event type: Conferences, meetings, symposiums
Start date: 27 October 2023 | Start time: 14:30 UTC +00:00
End date: 27 October 2023 | End time: 17:45 UTC +00:00
Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

Event description

Women’s Entrepreneurship Satellite Expo 2023 in Kazakhstan

The event will contribute to increased awareness about women’s entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan, expanded networking opportunities for participants, hands-on skill development for women entrepreneurs, potential avenues for investment, and the establishment of a supportive ecosystem for women-led businesses.

Key objectives:

  • To empower women entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan by providing them with a platform to showcase their businesses, connect with potential investors, and learn from their peers.
  • To facilitate meaningful networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs, investors, and private sector stakeholders, thereby creating a conducive environment for partnerships and collaboration.
  • To offer training sessions that equip women entrepreneurs with essential skills, knowledge, and tools to scale their businesses and navigate challenges successfully.
  • To increase the visibility of women entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan and the broader region, shedding light on their achievements and contributions to the business landscape.

The satellite event in Kazakhstan relies on strong partnerships with government entities, women’s associations, corporate sponsors, educational institutions, and international organizations.

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Sponsored by: Eastern Europe and Central Asia Multi-Country Office (Kazakhstan)