Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo 2023 in Ukraine

Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo 2023 in Ukraine
The Women’s Entrepreneurship Satellite Expo 2023 in Ukraine is organized by UN Women in partnership with various government partners, including the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on European and Euro Atlantic Integration, the Apparatus of the Government Commissioner on Gender Equality Policy, the Ministry of Economy, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation. It also collaborates with the private sector, including EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy, Marie Claire Business Ukraine, Ukraine Investment & Trade Facilitation Center, WEPs signatories, companies engaged in the “Women For The Future” Initiative coordinated by Happy Monday and the “Dream and Achieve” Initiative coordinated by Impact Force. Additionally, the event partners with international development partners and civil society organizations. Full details ▼
Event type: Conferences, meetings, symposiums
Start date: 27 October 2023 | Start time: 10:00 UTC +00:00
End date: 27 October 2023 | End time: 18:00 UTC +00:00
Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Event description

Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo 2023 in Ukraine

The event will offer exclusive opportunities to engage with and learn from women entrepreneurs, amplify visibility for women-led initiatives, and foster connections between companies. Additionally, this satellite event aims to generate insights into the benefits that the private sector can reap from engaging women entrepreneurs in their supply chains, including those affected by the full-scale armed invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and women entrepreneurs from the vulnerable group. It also seeks to strengthen partnerships between the private sector, government and UN Women for future stronger alliances. 

The event will be structured as follows:

  • Exhibition of products and services made by Ukrainian women entrepreneurs.
  • Masterclasses on financing and access to capital, sales and promotion.
  • Inspirational talks by and for women entrepreneurs.
  • Networking sessions to facilitate connections among women entrepreneurs and companies interested in collaboration.

Concerning the participants, the event is dedicated to established women entrepreneurs registered for participation in Women`s Entrepreneurship Expo 2023, who are seeking professional growth. It also welcomes companies looking to strengthen their own partnerships, as well as self-employed women and women employees seeking new growth opportunities and collaborations with private companies, including women-owned small and medium businesses.