Gender Equality Index Bosnia and Herzegovina 2023


Gender Equality Index Bosnia and Herzegovina 2023 represents the second edition of the Gender Equality Index of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to measure the degree of gender equality at the European Union (EU) level, as well as at the level of individual member states, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) undertook the task to create a complex, composite indicator that reflects the multidimensional reality of gender equality that is specifically adapted to the political framework of the EU. The Gender Equality Index for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2023 was developed in line with EIGE methodology and it provides information for three full domains – Knowledge, Time and Power, and partly for two domains – Work and Health. Due to lack of relevant data sources, most notably surveys and gender disaggregated data, calculation was not possible for all six domains, so it was not possible to present the overall Gender Equality Index score for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which presents a limitation in terms of comparison of index scores for Bosnia and Herzegovina in relation to EU, individual EU member states and aspirant countries from the region of Western Balkans.

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