Analysis of Gender Equality in Foreign Policy in North Macedonia

Anamaria Golemac Powell, Sneshka Ilikj, Natasha Dimitrovska, UN Women North Macedonia

The state of affairs in North Macedonia regarding women’s participation in foreign policy mirrors the broader worldwide patterns. While there is a shortage of research on gender mainstreaming within North Macedonia’s foreign policy, particularly concerning the endeavours and consequences of integrating gender equality into foreign policy, the available evidence indicates that women’s participation in critical foreign policy decision-making positions is still restricted. This analysis aims to examine women’s meaningful participation in foreign policy and international relations in North Macedonia, whilst reviewing the implementation of gender equality legislation, policies, and standards in the government’s efforts to integrate gender equality into its foreign policy. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the current situation, extract main findings, and prepare a succinct set of recommendations for areas of improvement, with a focus on the advancement of gender mainstreaming both in the country’s foreign policy and its structures.

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