Violence against Women in Politics in Türkiye

Violence against women in politics in Türkiye research paper cover page

Within the scope of this research, which is the first nationwide study on violence against women in politics, the dimensions of violence women are exposed to in politics are covered through qualitative research.

The first part of the report provides a summary of women’s political participation in Türkiye, which is followed by a discussion of the international normative framework on VAWP and an assessment of the national legislative and policy framework. The third part summarizes selected examples of good practices in different countries. The qualitative research methodology is described in the fourth part, and in the fifth part, acts of violence perpetrated by different actors against women in politics are presented according to the stages of nomination, campaigning and the period during which they hold office. The sixth part presents the causes and effects of VAWP, and the seventh part presents recommendations for combating it. The final part of the report is devoted to the evaluation and discussion of the research results.

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