Gender Equality Index for North Macedonia (2022)

North Macedonia Gender Equality Index Cover Page
Marija Bashevska, Translation: Marija Mladenovikj, Design: Nita Hadzihamza Gashi

The Republic of North Macedonia publishes the second Gender Equality Index based on the methodology of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). The Index values are calculated based on the latest available data for 2019. The report provides a comparative overview of the progress achieved compared to the previous (first) measurement of the Country Index in 2019, calculated based on data from 2015. Moreover, it provides comparison with the 2021 Gender Equality Index of EU and EU member states as well as the EU candidate countries from the region that have published their Gender Equality Index based on the EIGE methodology (Albania, Serbia and Montenegro).

The development and publication of this report was supported in the framework of the project “Advancing the institutionalization of GRB by systematic integration of gender perspective in the strategic planning and programing of the Governmental institutions in North Macedonia”, implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, with support by UN Women under the project “Promoting Gender Responsive Policies and Budgets: Towards Transparent, Inclusive
and Accountable Governance in the Republic of North Macedonia”, funded by Switzerland and Sweden.

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