Guidance Note on Gender-Responsive Assessments

Guidance Note on Gender-Responsive Assessments
UN Women on behalf of the Regional Gender Task Force

The ongoing full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has strong gendered dynamics. UNHCR estimates indicate that roughly 90 percent of refugees from Ukraine are women and children, who not only have unique experiences, but also face specifically gendered challenges to humanitarian service access and protection risks. Therefore, it is essential that the voices of women in all their diversity continue to be centered, heard, and amplified in the humanitarian response through their equitable inclusion in humanitarian assessments.

Developed by UN Women on behalf of the Regional Gender Task Force, this guidance note offers insights concerning how to enhance the gender-responsiveness of assessments connected to the Ukraine Refugee Response. This guidance note does so by presenting good practices related to methodology, data collection, ethical considerations, and protection and do not harm. These components are also connected to the importance of Sex and Age Disaggregated Data and Gender Analysis.

The contents of this brief are directed primarily towards those international, national, and local actors involved in the development and implementation of assessments pertaining to the Ukraine Refugee Response as well as those actors who engage with the outcomes of such assessments in their work.

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