Women's Entrepreneurship in Serbia - 10 Years Later

Women's Entrepreneurship in Serbia - 10 Years Later

The first study on women’s entrepreneurship in Serbia was published in 2012 based on research conducted by SeConS, an organization for applied research and policy analysis, at the initiative of the then Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, with the support of UN Women. The baseline study also contained a large number of recommendations aimed at informing the policies to encourage the development of women’s entrepreneurship and close the gender gap in entrepreneurship and beyond, in economic participation or employment.

In 2021, the country's Ministry of Economy launched a new initiative to review the state of women’s entrepreneurship after a little more than ten years and to identify changes, achievements, challenges and the potential of women’s entrepreneurship that future policies should focus on. This new research was carried out by the organization SeConS with the support of UN Women as part of the project Support to priority actions for gender equality in Serbia, with the aim to provide the Ministry of Economy with the findings necessary for the formulation of policies focused on encouraging women’s entrepreneurship.

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