Specialized service of Safe houses in Serbia: needs, capacities and funds for stable, long-term and continuous functioning

Specialised service of safe houses in Serbia
Danica Todorov

This analysis specifies needs, capacities and resources for stable, long-term and uninterrupted functioning of safe houses for women and children victims of domestic and gender-based violence in Serbia. It gives an overview of the quality of the service provision, availability, and sufficiency of the capacities, territorial coverage and accessibility to all women who are in need of shelter and support due to being in situation of violence. It also questions sustainability of this service in terms of finances and personnel. Research was carried out among decision makers in local self-government, centers for social work and their organizational units - shelters/safe houses for women and children victims of domestic violence, i.e. in centers for the provision of social protection services within which several safe houses operate.

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Geographic coverage: Europe and Central Asia Serbia
UN Women office publishing: Serbia Country Office
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