Gender Analysis of Regional Development in Ukraine

Gender Analysis of Regional Development in Ukraine
Olga Romaniuk, Kateryna Ilikchieva, Oksana Tsyupa and Maryna Sopilka. The assessment was conducted by NGO Poruch in partnership with UN Women Ukraine.

The gender analysis of the regional development of Ukraine was conducted to harmonize strategic and normative documents on regional development policy and decentralization reform implementation with the national legal acts and international obligations in the field of gender equality and human rights.

The gender analysis includes the following thematic sections:

  • Analysis of the legislative framework and political mechanisms regulating the gender policy implementation in Ukraine.
  • Analysis of the gender policy implementation by regional state administrations and Kyiv City State Administration.
  • Results of the assessment of institutional capacity to implement national gender equality and human rights policy at the regional level.
  • Analysis of existing gender gaps by regions using a number of gender-sensitive demographic and socio-economic indicators.
  • Conclusions on the main challenges and problems of gender equality in the process of sustainable regional development and recommendations on the gender equality integration into the implementation of strategic priorities of regional development, provided to the leading stakeholders of the regional development process, including the Parliament of Ukraine, line ministries, regional state/military administrations, development partners and civil society organizations.

This publication will be useful to civil servants dealing with issues of regional development, decentralization and local self-government reforms implementation, researchers and experts in regional development and gender policy, heads of civil society organizations, particularly women's CSOs.

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Natalia Mishyna, Program Analyst, UN Women Ukraine, [ Click to reveal ]

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