Changing attitudes and behaviour of police officers in Tuzla Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina, using communications for behavioural impact (COMBI), Evaluation Report

Changing Attitudes and Behavior of Police Officers

This evaluation report documents the results of the "Changing the attitudes and behavior of police officers through the implementation of norms for the protection of victims of violence in the Tuzla Canton" project  in relation to its specific objectives and expected results. It further identifies good practices and lessons learned to inform designing of similar interventions in the future.

Using a methodology called Communications for Behavioural Impact (COMBI), from May 2020 to May 2021, with support from the European Union and UN Women, Association Vive Žene and the Ministry of Interior Tuzla Canton partnered to increase the rates of requested and proposed protection measures. The campaign involved 1,600 police officers, 30 students, as well as a large number of citizens from Tuzla Canton. The result of the campaign was a drastic increase in the rate of requested protection measures in relation to reported cases of domestic violence.

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