COVID-19 impacts on women in the workplace: Corporate responses, good practices and way forward

Author: Associate Professor Emel Memiş Contributing Authors: Zeliha Ünaldı, Naz Akyol

This assessment was conducted from March to June 2020 in cooperation with TUSIAD, TURKONFED and UN Women Turkey to gain insights into the potential gendered effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the private sector, and to contribute to the development of policies to safeguard gender equality.

As part of the assessment, the quantitative and qualitative data collected based on a survey held online between 6th and 24th July 2020 were analyzed. 339 TÜSİAD and TÜRKONFED member enterprises including 7 cooperatives that operate in a variety of industries and locations have participated in the survey. The survey questions were focused on the period between March and June 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic affected Turkey for the first time.

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