The economic and social impact of COVID-19 on women and men: Rapid gender assessment of COVID-19 implications in Turkey

Lead Author: Dr. Yasemin Kalaylıoğlu, Contributing Authors: Arif Mert Öztürk, Gözde Bingüler Eker

This publication reflects the findings of a rapid gender assessment of immediate social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and men in Turkey to deliver a more accurate picture of the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis on women and men, to make their distinct and changing needs and priorities visible, and to inform gender-sensitive and effective decision-making and response. It looks into the following issues:      

  • Source of information regarding the outbreak,
  • Change of employment situation and household resources,
  • Division of labor in the household,
  • Health issues and access to basic services,
  • Experiences of discrimination and domestic violence. 

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