Gender in society perception study, Kyrgyz Republic

Authors/editor(s): Violence against women and girls: Elena Kim (author) with support of Rimma Sultanova and Aiymbubu Dzhaparkulova; Women’s economic empowerment: Nurgul Ukueva (author) with support of Elnura Kazakbaeva and Guljan Niazalieva; Women and labour migration: Elena Kim (author) with support of Asel Murzakulova, Aida Tynychbekova, Aiymbubu Dzhaparkulova, Baktygul Kapalova, Gulmairam Attokurova and Diana Asanalieva; Women’s religious beliefs and practices: Aikokul Maksutova (author) with support of Elnura Kazakbaeva, Madina Kasymova, Zarina Urmanbetova, Zharkyn Omurbekova

The Kyrgyz Republic has made significant progress in advancing democracy and the rule of law, and in development and peace building since gaining independence in 1991. Yet prosperity, stability and justice are increasingly being held back by a resurgence of patriarchal norms and conservative interpretations of cultural practices. "Gender in society perception study (GSPS)" explored the knowledge, attitudes and practices of women and men of Kyrgyzstan in relation to gender equality and women’s empowerment in order to understand the remaining obstacles and develop recommendations on overcoming them.

The overall objective of the GSPS is to establish household, community and public level data and information on key risk factors for gender inequalities and violence against women and girls in the Kyrgyz Republic. Specific objectives of the GSPS are to understand:

  • Pressing interpersonal and structural issues leading to gender discrimination, violence and exploitation;
  • Community-level trends and shifting societal perceptions of gender stereotypes and relations;
  • The relationship between gender inequality, insecurity and potential conflict triggers. 

To reach these goals, quantitative and qualitative research was carried out on four topics of key interest to understand gender practices and perceptions in Kyrgyzstan today: women’s economic empowerment, violence against women and girls in the form of bride kidnapping and child marriages, women’s religious beliefs and practices, and women’s involvement in labour migration.

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Executive Summary (English)

Violence against women and girls (English, Kyrgyz, Russian);

Women’s economic empowerment (English);

Women and labour migration (English, Kyrgyz, Russian);

Women’s religious beliefs and practices (English, Kyrgyz, Russian).

Bibliographic information

Geographic coverage: Europe and Central Asia; Kyrgyzstan

Subject area(s): Economic empowerment; Migration; Ending violence against women and girls; Child marriage; Gender, culture and society; Religion; Gender statistics; Peace and security

Resource type: Research papers

UN Women office involved in publication: Kyrgyzstan Country Office

Publication year: 2020

Publishing entities: Government of the Kyrgyz Republic; United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women); United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA); International Organization for Migration (IOM); United Nations Peacebuilding Fund