Light the Dark national campaign report and safety mapping analysis

Women and men live in the same cities and use the same public spaces. However, their living experiences differ. Unsafe public spaces have a direct and massive impact on women and girls’ everyday lives – when they are walking on the streets, running errands, using public transport or using public facilities – and both the threat and experience of violence affect their access to social activities, education, employment and leadership opportunities. It also negatively impacts their health and well-being. This report presents the findings of UN Women’s "Light the Dark Campaign" in Turkey, held as part of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign between the 25 November and 10 December 2019, to draw attention to safety of women and girls in public spaces. The report is an analysis of the data collected through the interactive online tool created by UN Women and provides sex dissegregated data on the safety perception of the citizens as they experience the city.

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Geographic coverage: Europe and Central Asia; Turkey

Subject area(s): Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Gender statistics; Gender equality and women’s empowerment; Governance and national planning; Ending violence against women and girls; Local development

Resource type: Briefs

Publication year: 2020

Number of pages: 2