Women in Arts: 25 stories of women artists in Ukraine

Women in Arts: 25 stories of women artists in Ukraine

HeForShe is a solidarity movement launched by UN Women to engage men and boys as agents of change for gender equality. Every year during the HeForShe Arts Week, men and women, boys and girls engaged in the arts join the movement. In 2019, an independent award - Women in Arts - was established by UN Women Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute, as part of the HeForShe Arts Week 2019 to draw attention to the achievement of women in the arts and to publicly thank them for their contribution to their industries.

This brochure is a collection of interviews and short biographies of the 25 nominees of the Women in Arts 2019 Award. Among them are outstanding female painters, sculptors, composers, performers, film directors, actresses, screenwriters, writers, poets, curators of cultural projects and art managers, who share their experiences as women working in the arts field.

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