The CEDAW-based Legal Review: A Brief Guide

The CEDAW-based Legal Review: A Brief Guide

The CEDAW-based Legal Review: A Brief Guide was developed to guide practitioners in the government, parliament, civil society and women’s groups, academic institutions, and development agencies to assess compliance of the national laws with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). It enables the practioners to provide appropriate recommendations for ensuring that new and existng are compatible through a CEDAW-based legal review and does so by presenting the assessment framework.

The assessment framework aims to support the practitioners with identifying the obligations under CEDAW, drafting legal indicators, identifying discriminatory legal provisions, proposing laws, revisions or amendments that promote gender equality, and provides other recommendations to ensure the compatibility of laws with the Convention. The Guide is primarily targeted for practitioners in Ukraine.

The guide was developed by the UN Women CEDAW in Action! project funded by Global Affairs Canada.

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