Gender Accessibility Audit Toolkit

Gender accessibility audio toolkit
L. Bayda, Y. Hrybalsky

Women and girls with disabilities face barriers in most areas of life. The specific challenges they encounter are related to an array of legal, physical, communicational and attitudinal issues, which limit their participation in public, political, social and cultural life.

These barriers create multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination against women and girls with disabilities, in particular, with regard to equal access to education, economic opportunities, social interaction and justice, equal recognition before the law, and the ability to participate in politics and exercise control over their own lives.

Developed by UN Women and the National Assembly of People with Disabilities in Ukraine, the Gender Accessibility Audit Toolkit helps practitioners and civil society identify architectural, infrastructural, information and communication barriers that prevent women and girls with disabilities from fully exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms.

This toolkit can be used by local governments and service providers, such as social security, health care, education services, etc. in inclusive local planning, budgeting, and the provision of services. It can also guide representatives of civil society and gender equality and disability rights advocates, and women and men with disabilities to advocate for the elimination of identified barriers.

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