Gender Impact Assessment of the Security and Defense Sector in Ukraine in 2017

Gender Impact Assessment
Olena Suslova, Emmicki Roos

The Gender Impact Assessment of the Security and Defense sector in Ukraine is a part of UN Women’s support to the Ukrainian Government’s efforts to implement United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 and the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda. The Assessment was planned and executed in close partnership with the Vice Prime Minister’s Office of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration and was conducted between May and August 2017. Five institutions in the security and defense sector were included in the assessment: Ministry of Defense (MoD) and General Staff, Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoI), the National Police, the State Border Guard Services, and the National Guard (the National Police, the State Border Guard Services and the National Guard form part of Ministry of Internal Affairs). The data collection included a two-week mission to Kyiv in July, where government officials, civil society representatives, and representatives from the donor community were interviewed. The findings and recommendations in the report are based on desk research, interviews, meetings, and an analysis of the policies guiding the implementation of gender equality and the security and defense reform in Ukraine. The Gender Impact Assessment of the Security and Defense Sector in Ukraine was conducted by experts of UN Women Ukraine Olena Suslova and Emmicki Roos, as a part of the UN Women global “Women, Peace and Security Global Facility: From Resolutions to Accountability and Leadership” project in 2017. This publication has been produced by the UN Women Ukraine project “Gender equality at the center of reforms, peace and security” funded by the Government of Sweden.


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