Refugee Women in Media: Handbook for Local Media Employees on right-based journalism

Discriminatory language used while describing violence against women, incidences of VAW or reporting on refugee women in the media affects people's minds, perceptions and attitudes. Women's Studies Association aims at behavioral and language change towards Syrian refugees or violence against women, by targeting discriminative representation of them and discriminatory vocabulary used towards them in the media. Therefore, this handbook gives information on the concepts of "right-based journalism" and "gender sensitive journalism" on one hand, and lists directions on what to pay attention to whilst reporting news of violence against women and Syrian refugee women. It provides examples- both good and bad-  by using the actual news to show how violence against women and Syrian refugees are represented in the media, and problems with discriminatory language used towards them. Lastly, the handbook provides instructions on how to ensure better practice and an end to gender discrimination in reporting. 

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Languages available: Turkish

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Geographic coverage: Europe and Central Asia; Turkey

Subject area(s): Ending violence against women and girls

Resource type: Manuals/guides

Publication year: 2018

Number of pages: 36

Publishing entities: United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)