Research on media reporting on gender-based violence against women in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Research on media reporting cover
Elvira Jukić Mujkić

Violence against women is a problem of the entire society, it is considered a global pandemic, and the role of the media is to address this problem in a responsible way to promote public discussion. UN Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted a study on media reporting on gender-based violence against women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The study was done under the three-year programme “Standards and Engagement for Ending Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” which is funded by Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). The research shows that although media report on violence against women almost daily, reporting is sensational and doesn't address root causes of the issue. Furthermore, the media report on individual cases of violence against women rather than addressing the problem in its social context. Based on the findings of this research, the report presents recommendations about desired media practices in addressing gender-based violence. These recommendations include more media accountability in combating discrimination, continuous cooperation between the media and NGOs to raise awareness about this issue, and ethical reporting based on the existing Media Code and the Law on Gender Equality of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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