No one left behind: lessons learned from the grassroots social mobilization of women in Georgia


From 2010-2015, UN Women worked with local partner organizations, the TASO Foundation and the Women’s Information Center, to promote the social mobilization of internally-displaced, conflict-affected and ethnic minority women and girls in Georgia through the ‘Women for Equality, Peace and Development of Georgia’ (WEPD) initiative funded by the Government of Norway.

This publication summarizes the lessons learned from the WEPD project, which used the process of social mobilization to provide women in at-risk communities with crucial life skills to empower themselves, inform them of their rights, and establish self-help groups to build women’s capacities to positively affect their own lives, as well as the overall welfare of their communities. The good practices and experiences shared in this publication are intended to serve as a useful resource for relevant stakeholders working to ensure that ‘no-one is left behind’ in the path towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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