Compendium of Gender Equality and HIV Indicators

Shelah S. Bloom and Svetlana Hegroustoueva

This compendium by “MEASURE Evaluation” presents gender-sensitive HIV-related indicators that can be used for a gender-balanced HIV response. The indicators aim to raise Central Asian stakeholders' awareness and understanding of the response to the HIV epidemic from a gender equality perspective. They can be used to monitor progress in eliminating gender-based inequalities in HIV responses and to evaluate programmes that address specific gender-equality HIV interventions. 

Aimed at policy-makers, government bodies, women’s networks and other organizations involved in the HIV-response, the compendium will be a particularly practical  tool for Central Asian countries, where HIV-related indicators are limited and rarely reflect how prodoundly access, coverage and use of HIV-services have been transformed for selected target groups. 

Made at the request and with the participation of UN Women, UNAIDS, WHO, UNDP, UNFPA, other international organizations and national governments and civil society, the compendium's translation into Russian was facilitated by the UN Women Multi-Country Office Kazakhstan (Central Asia).

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