Womens Entrepreneurship in Serbia

Sonja Avlijas, Marija Babovic, Marko Vladisavljevic, Sanja Popovic-Pantic

The Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, with the support of the UN Women office in Serbia, commissioned two important studies in 2011 that contributed to the knowledge on entrepreneurial activities of women in Serbia: The comprehensive study on women’s entrepreneurship in Serbia and the analysis of selected state measures in support of entrepreneurship. 

The baseline study Women Entrepreneurship in Serbia provides recommendations to improve monitoring and the promotion of business environments for women, and how to offer comprehensive support in overcoming the obstacles faced by women who run their own business or wish to start one. It also, for the first time, develops a profile of women entrepreneurs in Serbia.

The study offers insights into the scope and characteristics of women entrepreneurship, factors that encourage women’s entrepreneurship and their success, as well as obstacles women face while starting, running and developing their own business in Serbia.

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