Guide, Community Mobilization for Empowerment of Vulnerable Women and Men

Authors/editor(s): Simon Forrester, Managing Consultant at Eurasia Social Change, an international consultant for UN Women on community mobilization issues for the JILDP

The Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP) is a joint UN Women-UNDP program to facilitate sustainable development and foster social inclusion. JILDP also supports Government efforts to change policy and legal frameworks so that local public authorities deliver more efficient, equitable and accessible local public services. 

 A key JILDP development objective is assisting Moldova ensure that vulnerable poor rural and urban groups take advantage of sustainable socio-economic development opportunities through adequate, rights-based, gender-sensitive regional and local policies implemented by local public administrations (LPA) and their partners. 

To do this, JILDP mobilizes and empowers communities and provides selected settlements with better access to basic infrastructure and improved social services. These include community crèches and kindergartens, assistance for the most vulnerable and business counselling. Beneficiary communities are actively involved in planning, setting up and managing throughout, ensuring their ownership of improved service initiatives. 

Updated to include JILDP implementation 2011–2012 experiences, the Guide to Community Mobilization for Empowerment of Vulnerable Women and Men aims to explain and promote the benefits of community mobilization in Moldova's rural areas.    

A JILPD output, the Guide will be useful for anyone engaged in community empowerment efforts, including community members, national and international public and private organizations, elected and appointed LPA officials, local NGOs and civil society groups and community mobilizers. 

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Geographic coverage: Europe and Central Asia; Moldova, Republic of

Subject area(s): Rural women; Public administration; Local development; Rural development; Urban development

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Publication year: 2012

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