Gender Equality and Local Governance

Kristin Jacoba Van der Leest, Rezart Xhelo, Dolly Wittberger

This publication is based on activities implemented in Albania by UN Women, as part of the UN Joint Program on Gender Equality, and the recently completed “Equity in Governance” (EiG) project, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation in Albania. It also draws on the presentations, discussions and results of the first national conference on “Gender equality and local governance”. Held 15-16 March 2011 in Tirana, the conference was organized by UN Women and the EiG project and supported by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. This joint publication by UN Women and the EiG project contains a collection of what local government units can do in concrete terms to translate international commitments and national policy on gender equality to the local level.

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