UN system coordination

Photo: UN Women/ Constantin Grigoriță
Photo: UN Women/ Constantin Grigoriță

Globally, UN Women works through high-level UN inter-agency bodies to promote the integration of gender perspectives in system-wide policies. On the regional level, UN Women and UN regional commissions assist efforts to uphold agreed gender equality norms.

In Moldova, UN Women engages with other UN entities through UN country teams, gender theme groups, and joint programmes throughout the UN development assistance frameworks (UNDAF).

UN agencies in Moldova are highly supportive and responsive to us and participate in UN Women initiatives and activities. In Moldova, UN Women participates in six out of 12 joint UN programmes:                                                     

  • Women in Politics programme (UN Women and UNDP)
  • Empowerment of victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in Transnistria (UN Women with OHCHR, IOM, UNFPA, UNDP)
  • Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (UNDP and UN Women)
  • Mainstreaming migration (UN Women with UNDP and IOM)
  • Strengthening the National Statistical System (UN Women with UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA and the ILO)
  • Support to Confidence Building Measures, UN Women together with UNDP, UNICEF, WHO, (completed in Dec, 2014)

We are also an active member in these key platforms:

  • Member of UN Country Team, Security  Management Team, UN-Moldova Partnership Framework Results Groups, Operations Management Team (OMT), and Communications Groups
  • UN Women chairs  the Operations Management Team starting with January 2015,on a rotation basis
  • Lead agency on women’s human rights and gender equality: UN Women takes the lead on  gender statistics, women in politics, violence against women, gender mainstreaming, gender and migration, women’s economic empowerment and other areas of UN joint work
  • Member of Donors group and co-leads Donors Coordination group on Gender under the leadership of the Government
  • Member of Government-donor boards on Decentralization; Transnistria; Elections; Social Protection; and Statistics