Persistent attacks of the Russian Federation on civilians worsen humanitarian situation in Ukraine


UN Women unequivocally condemns the Russian Armed Forces’ attack on Friday, 28 June 2024, which struck a residential apartment building in Dnipro city, resulting in civilian casualties and injuries in a densely populated area.

“I am deeply shocked and appalled by yet another deadly attack carried out by the Russian Armed Forces on Friday, June 28th that destroyed a residential apartment building in Dnipro city, just meters from UN offices, including the UN Women premises. Such acts are blatant violations of international humanitarian law and are utterly unjustifiable. The protection of civilians, particularly women and girls, in conflict zones is paramount, and such attacks underscore the urgent need for their safety and security,” – Sabine Freizer Gunes, UN Women Representative in Ukraine.

Friday’s attack killed at least one person, injured twelve, and left two missing. UN Women expresses solidarity with those affected and the entire UN Family, including  our colleagues on the ground, and thanks the Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine, Denise Brown, who immediately traveled to Dnipro with heads of agencies from OCHA, IOM and UN Women. The Resident Coordinator’s leadership has been crucial in demonstrating the UN’s commitment to responding swiftly and effectively to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

UN Women is on the ground and working to assist those affected in close collaboration with UN agencies, partners and local authorities. In eastern Ukraine, UN Women is actively engaged in humanitarian and nexus programming. We work to support women’s rights organizations through the Women, Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF), advance the women, peace and security agenda (WPS), and support recovery efforts through gender-responsive planning, budgeting and women’s leadership.