Empowering Women for Resilient and Peaceful Societies: Denmark and UN Women Launch Ambitious Multi-Country Programme in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine


Istanbul, Türkiye – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (MFA), through Department of European Neighborhood (EUN), in partnership with UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (EACRO), announces the launch of the “Women Increased Leadership for Resilient and Peaceful Societies” programme.

Spanning over four years, the programme aims to address and alleviate gender inequalities in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine by reforming legislation, policies, and public service programs; enhancing institutiounal capacity for gender-responsive governance; supporting women’s rights defenders, organizations and grassroots movements in leadership and decision-making processes.

Led by UN Women ECARO, the multi-country programme support three distinct Strategic Notes with flexible funding, each aligned with specific country contexts and priorities aimed at  fostering collaboration, knowledge generation and promoting strategic partnerships with a special focus on EU integration.

Speaking about the launch of the new partnership, Gülden Türköz-Cosslett, UN Women Regional Director a.i. for Europe and Central Asia stated: “Through our multi-country program, generously supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, we are not only addressing immediate challenges but also pioneering a transformative journey towards gender equality, resilience, and sustainable peace in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. By placing women at the forefront of decision-making, economic empowerment, and peacebuilding processes, while responding to crisis, we are helping shape a future where women of all diversities actively contribute to and benefit from inclusive development. This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to creating positive change, amplifying women's voices, and fostering collaboration across the region for lasting impact."

In Georgia, the programme focuses on fostering inclusive governance and public life, placing women at the forefront of decision-making processes. It aims to elevate women's economic standing through ICT skill development and entrepreneurial support, bridging the gender gap in the labor market. The programme emphasizes the Women, Peace, and Security agenda, recognizing women's pivotal role in conflict prevention and resolution. As a result, the project will target young women in conflict-affected communities for inclusion in peace and rights activism, improve economic opportunities for marginalized groups, and cultivate a sustainable and inclusive economy, with a focus on women's employment and entrepreneurship.

"UN Women, in partnership with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, is excited to initiate first inaugural initiatives in Georgia. Emphasizing the empowerment of women, particularly focusing on the upcoming generation, is crucial for creating inclusive, resilient, and peaceful societies. In these uncertain and difficult times, our goal is to provide a beacon of hope for women and girls, along with their families and communities." – noted Kaori Ishikawa, UN Women Country Representative in Georgia and Liaison for the South Caucasus.

In Moldova, the programme centers on ending violence against women, promoting women's leadership, and advancing the Women, Peace, and Security agenda. It aims to deliver gender-responsive services, enhance governance transparency, and coordinate efforts for gender equality. The programme will enhance gender-responsive services through engagement with marginalized groups, facilitate transparent governance through Leadership Development Programs for women in key positions, and coordinate efforts for gender equality across sectors, particularly focusing on the Security and Defense sector and community-level peacebuilding initiatives.

“The project that UN Women will implement with the financial support from Denmark will address gender inequalities that continue to persist in different areas of public and private life in Moldova. It aims at enhancing capacities of the justice system to effectively respond to cases of gender-based violence, improving the services of legal protection to survivors while encouraging them to access these services. The project will also aim at increasing women’s agency, leadership and contribution to gender responsive governance and peacebuilding efforts. We are convinced of the positive impact this project will have on women and girls in Moldova.” – stated Dominika Stojanoska, Country Representative of UN Women Moldova.

In Ukraine, the project aims to support essential gender-based services in conflict-affected areas, providing direct aid to women, groups, and CSOs to enhance resilience. It will also spearhead community recovery interventions aimed to increase resilience, address displacement, and promote inclusive human development. Through capacity development and collaboration, the initiative will focus on implementing and monitoring national and international Women, Peace, and Security commitments, improving survivors' access to essential services, and fostering social cohesion. The programme will also strengthen national capacities and systems, utilizing data for crisis response, recovery planning, and green economic growth.

“In the face of Russian aggression, Ukrainian women are taking on increasingly vital and diverse roles. At UN Women, we are dedicated to supporting their resilience, fostering development, and nurturing leadership. We extend our gratitude to Denmark for their support, enabling us to sustain our efforts in Ukraine and provide essential assistance to its women," stressed Sabine Freizer Gunes, Country Representative of UN Women Ukraine.

Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and implemented by UN Women, the ambitious multi-country programme seeks to tackle entrenched challenges, foster resilience, and empower women as leaders in their communities. By addressing issues at legislative, institutional, and grassroots levels, the program aspires to create lasting change and contribute to building resilient and peaceful societies.

For media inquiries, please contact:

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