Fenerbahçe Sports Club Hosts Special Event for International Women's Day


Fenerbahçe Sports Club organizes special event to mark International Women's Day in partnership with HeForShe Türkiye. Photo: UN Women
Fenerbahçe Sports Club organizes special event to mark International Women's Day in partnership with HeForShe Türkiye. Photo: UN Women

In collaboration with Tüpraş, Fenerbahçe Sports Club partnered with HeForShe Türkiye to organize a special event titled "Women in the Heart of Life and Society." The event aimed to highlight the importance of equal participation of women in all aspects of life, particularly in sports, for economic and social development. Fenerbahçe Sports Club hosted a panel discussion titled "Women in the Heart of Life and Society" at the Fenerbahçe Faruk Ilgaz Facilities, bringing together women athletes, expert speakers, and members of the community.

Within its partnership with HeForShe Türkiye, Fenerbahçe, a prominent Turkish sports club, has committed to becoming more responsive to gender issues within sports through years. With this collaboration, Fenerbahçe aims to utilize sports to advance gender equality across Turkish society, challenging stereotypes and fostering inclusivity.

Reminding that sports have the power to empower women and girls by eliminating obstacles to gender equality and discrimination in sports, thus contributing to broader societal transformation, the event featured inspiring stories of women in sports, emphasizing the equal participation of women in all spheres of life.

During the event Board Member in Charge of Member Relations Selma Altay said "As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, we wanted to come together to listen to the stories of believing and achieving women. I believe we need to hear inspiring stories because we women are each other's strengths. As we hear more success stories of women, more girls' dreams will grow.”

TÜPRAŞ Corporate Communications Manager Çiler Teber and UN Women Türkiye Deputy Director Zeliha Ünaldı also delivered speeches at the panel, providing insights into the status of gender equality and the investments and efforts made and needed.

"Sport is a huge industry at national and international level. It is a huge ecosystem that includes sports clubs, sports media, sports institutions, sponsors, fans, athletes, and civil society.” said Ünaldı. “This dynamic industry and ecosystem have the power and possibilities to offer significant opportunities for women and girls to realize their potential.  At the point where the world is today, we need investments in favor of equality for and with women in the entire sports ecosystem more than ever. Happy March 8th International Women's Day to all of us and may we have many more March 8ths where we will celebrate the success of more women and girls in the world of sports by investing in equality."

The event served as a platform to celebrate the achievements of women, inspire future generations, and advocate for gender equality in all aspects of life. Through discussions, speeches, and shared experiences, participants reaffirmed their commitment to advancing women's rights and empowerment in Türkiye and beyond.

With the support of Tüpraş, UN Women, through its HeForShe Movement will continue to collaborate with Fenerbahçe Sports Club to promote gender equality in and through sports.