HeForShe Turkey urges men to share responsibilities equally at home

The HeForShe solidarity movement launched the #HeForSheAtHome (#EvdeHeForShe in Turkish) campaign in Turkey. The campaign calls on men to share domestic and care work equally and invites them to share their stories on social media to inspire others. Celebrities started to support the campaign by sharing their messages on positive masculinities on social media.


Equality starts with you, if you share. Design: HeForShe Turkey
Equality starts with you, if you share. Design: HeForShe Turkey

The COVID-19 outbreak forced millions of people across the world to confine themselves to their homes. The self-isolation measures increased the burden of unpaid domestic and care work for women, who even before the pandemic shouldered a heavier burden compared to men. Globally, women do three times as much unpaid care work as men. In Turkey, women do five times as much of this work as men. Gender inequalities are becoming increasingly apparent during the pandemic with more family members at home increasing women’s domestic responsibilities. For women who also need to work from home, this means increased working hours. As schools switch to distance learning, most parents’ care responsibilities increase, and this responsibility often falls on women.

The #EvdeHeForShe campaign in Turkey points out to the inequality deepening with the increased domestic and care work of women due to the COVID-19 pandemic and calls for men to equally share this workload. The campaign tries to raise awareness about this inequality by highlighting this unfair burden on women and encouraging men to do their equal share.

How to join the #EvdeHeForShe campaign:

Record a Video/ Take a Photo: Record a video or take a photo of yourself while doing various house or care work.

Be creative: Be creative about what you can do in terms of house and care work. Not just preparing a meal, setting the dinner table, or starting the washing machine, but also changing sheets, helping children with their homework, cleaning sinks, and organizing daily housework are included in domestic and care work.

Share on social media: Share your message that may have a positive influence on other men along with your video/photo and tag:

👉#EvdeHeForShe @heforsheturkiye 

Create an impact: Tag your friends on your post that you are sharing on social media and invite them to join the campaign.

Pay attention to gender equality: While preparing your posts with your video/photo and message, make sure not to reinforce gender stereotypes and not to attribute a stereotypical gender role to anyone at home.

Have fun: Do not forget to have fun while doing house and childcare work!