Mayors from Four Districts of Moldova Trained to Address Challenges of Rural Population


More than 100 participants from four districts of Moldova: Ungheni, Singerei, Telenesti and Nisporeni, including deputy Presidents of District Councils, mayors and service providers, attended the workshops organized by UN Women Programme “Women’s Economic Empowerment” (WEE) during the period of July 31 - August 10 in Vadul-lui-Voda.

The workshops focused on increasing awareness of mayors and secretaries of village halls on Joint Information and Services Bureau (JISB) to efficiently organize JISB mobile teams in their respective mayoralties for the benefit of rural women and vulnerable groups of population.

Workshops were held for one day and a half for each district. In Ungheni, Singerei, Telenesti and Nisporeni, JISBs were established with support and guidance of UN Women WEE Programme, and operate under the aegis of District Administration. JISB provides access to information and services in a coordinated manner to women and vulnerable groups on issues ranging from employment and social protection to agriculture, cadastre and entrepreneurship, increasing the possibilities for employment opportunities.


To support effective realization of socio-economic rights and respond to the needs of women, and vulnerable groups in the furthest villages, JISB organizes mobile team visits on a regular basis in close partnership with mayors. “Mayors play a key role in addressing challenges of local population. Successful organization and implementation of the JISB mobile team visits will assist in effective delivery of services. The efficiency of mobile team has been documented and its benefits need to be further explored and used to support rural women and men in need”, noted Natia Cherkezishvili, International Programme Manager of UN Women WEE Programme.


By participating in the workshops, mayors had also the opportunity to discuss with local public administration and service providers options for effective service provision with support of JISB mobile teams. The intensive agenda took the workshop participants through JISB concept, advantages and benefits of mobile teams. The mayors were guided on better identification of population needs in their localities and support to visit of the JISB mobile team. The brainstorming sessions generated the plan of JISB mobile team visits for every district with clear roles for mayors, district administration and JISB service providers.

Mr. Vitalie Tabarcea, Deputy President of Singerei District noted that “Application of Joint Information and Services Bureau concept brings benefits both for citizens and local public administration. 60% of beneficiaries identify solutions to their challenges within the bureau and as representatives of service providers, we can feel constantly the satisfaction of beneficiaries. This workshop represents an opportunity to exchange information and experience on JISB mobile team activities, especially when 50% of mayors in our district hold their first mandate”. The workshops were praised and recognized by participants as very interesting and enriching exercise.

UN Women Programme “Women’s Economic Empowerment through Increasing Employability in the Republic of Moldova” is implemented jointly with Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family and Ministry of Economy with the financial support of the Government of Sweden. Improving access to quality information and services, strengthening the capacities of key national partners for implementation of policies which promote and protect women’s rights to employment and social protection and improvement of the legislative framework represent three main components of the programme.