International Women’s Day 2019

International Women's Day 2019: Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change

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The theme for International Women’s Day (8 March) this year,Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change, puts innovation by women and girls, for women and girls, at the heart of efforts to achieve gender equality.

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Achieving a gender-equal world requires social innovations that work for both women and men and leave no one behind. From urban planning that focuses on community safety to e-learning platforms that take classrooms to women and girls, affordable and quality childcare centres, and technology shaped by women, innovation can take the race for gender equality to its finishing line by 2030.

It begins with making sure that women’s and girls' needs and experiences are integrated at the very inception of technology and innovations. It means building smart solutions that go beyond acknowledging the gender gaps to addressing the needs of men and women equally. And ultimately, it needs innovations that disrupt business as usual, paying attention to how and by whom technology is used and accessed, and ensuring that women and girls play a decisive role in emerging industries.

Join us to celebrate women and girls, their limitless imagination, their joyous dreams and their boundless strength.

Changing the Rules of the Game: Innovating the Way to Equality

Across Europe and Central Asia, women are industry leaders, innovators, activists and social entrepreneurs. Each day, they bring their ideas and their hearts into transforming our world through the empowerment of women and girls. They are changing the ways business is conducted, cities are built, services are delivered. Their way is a smart, sustainable one, and in sharing some of their inspiring stories, we salute their ingenuity and courage. Read more.



Young people hack into a world of good in Bosnia and Herzegovina
It’s a simple idea with powerful potential in preventing gender-based violence. Wear a bracelet that can send an SMS alert if a risk arises. The idea was one of several developed by high-school students alert to the possibilities of innovating for change. Read more
From Where I Stand: Mujde Esin
Müjde Esin, 34, founded the award-winning KizCode (GirlCode), a social enterprise harnessing technology to empower girls and young women from minority and disadvantaged communities in Turkey. Read more



From where I stand: Victoria Danila
Victoria Danila, 34, entrepreneur from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, who designs clothes and other products tailored to the needs of premature babies. Read more

Nino Nanitashvili; Photo: Sopho Chilindarashvili

From where I stand: Nino Nanitashvili
Nino Nanitashvili was just 18 when she became the only girl in Georgia involved in a Google developer group. She went on to found Women Techmakers, which encourages women to explore new roles in IT. Read more

Take Five: Maja Lalic
“Maja Lalic is a renowned Serbian architect and expert in gender equality and climate change. Lalic calls for embracing the circular economy, which minimizes waste and makes the most of resources. Read more


Video: This #WomensDay, we’re innovating for change

What does it mean to innovate? From mobile banking to artificial intelligence and the internet of things, it is vital that women’s ideas and experiences equally influence the design and implementation of the innovations that shape our future societies.


Five innovations that have advanced women’s rights

Five innovations that have advanced women’s rights

From the internet to the bicycle, here are just a handful of innovations we take for granted today that have shaped the lives of women and girls worldwide. Read more►

Women rising: Women’s activism that has shaped the world

Women march in New York City. Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

We're celebrating women activists around the world who have insisted on a better world and persisted in the face of adversity. Read more►

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