At the forefront of response to survivors with disabilities, Ivana’s story, Serbia

Violence against women in Serbia is common, with every second woman having suffered some form of violence. Prevention, protection, prosecution and referral mechanisms on domestic and other forms of violence against women in Serbia remain weak despite improvements made in recent years with the adoption of general and specialized protocols and the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence in 2017.

A vocal advocate for the rights of women with disabilities, Ivana Zelic has worked for 10 years at the NGO Iz Kruga Vojvodina as coordinator of its SOS service for women, many with disabilities, who are survivors of gender-based violence. 

In this video, Zelic explains how she provides support to survivors and why violence against women should be everyone’s concern. 

Iz Kruga Vojvodina is partnering with UN Women and the EU under the Regional Programme on Ending Violence against Women in the Western Balkans and Turkey, Implementing Norms, Changing Minds, to provide services to survivors of gender-based violence – specifically women from marginalized groups, including women with disabilities, and survivors of rape and sexual assault.