The Witness 2021 - #RaiseYourVoice campaign in Turkey during the 16 Days of Activism

“The Witness 2021” is a mapping installation created by the contemporary artist Ecem Dilan Köse. The piece uses power of sound to put a metaphorical distance between women and violence. Through the artwork, the artist invites everyone to raise their voice against violence against women and girls.The visitors interact with the installation through a visual show taking place on a 20-squaremeter led screen which is responsive to movement and sound. The screen senses the movements of the commuters and turns them into a unique dance of fireflies – a symbol UN Women has been using in Turkey as part of the 16 Days of Activism. The microphone embedded in the area invite passersby to record their messages against violence against women. “The Witness 2021” creates an interactive experience for the audience and invites them to support the #RaiseYourVoice Campaign led by UN Women as part of 16 Days of Activism.