Equal City: A strong civic space for gender equality

Date: 08 February 2022

Equal City illustration

Welcome to Equal City!

Here, led by young women and men, civil society organizations (CSOs), local authorities, universities and media work together to advance women’s rights, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The city depicts the activities and outcomes of the “Strong Civic Space for Gender Equality” project, implemented by UN Women since April 2021 with the financial support of the European Union, aiming to contribute to a stronger civic space to advance gender equality and women’s rights in Turkey.

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Equal City Gender Equality Academy

To be launched under the project, the Gender Equality Academy will provide knowledge and training on women’s rights and gender equality, open for everyone to access. 

Technical Capacity Dev Center

Civil society organizations and women’s rights activists will receive technical and financial support to participate in national and international conferences, fora, platforms and learning opportunities. 

Idea Creation Lab

UN Women will implement joint projects together with CSOs on the following themes: ending violence against women and girls, women’s access to justice and human rights mechanisms, and women’s economic empowerment. 

Youth Council

UN Women will facilitate dialogue between governmental and non-governmental organizations. 

In addition, UN Women will create spaces for experience-sharing among civil society organizations, rights’ defenders and young activists through networks, platforms, coalitions and generation equality dialogues.  

CSO Empowerment Center

Under the project, 30  women’s organizations and women-led CSOs will benefit from small grants in order to strengthen their capacities to advance women’s rights and gender equality. In addition, these CSOs will be supported to participate in networking, dialogue and solidarity platforms.  

Gender Data Center

Capacity-development programmes focused on gender statistics will target CSOs, media professionals, university students in statistics and women’s studies departments. These will focus on technical skills for the production and analysis of gender data and developing data literacy. 

Stereotype Recycling Plant

Under this project, UN Women will carry out communication and advocacy initiatives to transform gender-based stereotypes. 

Climate Action Park

Learning and capacity-development programmes will be developed for CSOs on gender-responsive climate action and disaster risk reduction. 

Research Center

Comprehensive research will be carried out on women’s access to justice, as well as the needs and priorities of rural women and women with disabilities. This will help fuel evidence-based advocacy and policymaking. 

Technical and Financial Support Unit

UN Women will provide financial and technical support to CSOs to strengthen their institutional capacities. 

The goal: a strong civic space for gender equality!