Infographics: How women and men participate in politics and decision-making in Moldova

Date : 11 January 2018

These infographics are based on the Gender Barometer research, the first comprehensive study of its kind to provide insight into women’s and men’s participation in politics and decision-making in the Republic of Moldova. First launched in 2006, and later in 2016, it allows for comparing and analyzing participation of women and men in politics and decision-making in the last decade.

Conclusions from the Gender Barometer are based on the achievement of three researches targeting voters, local female and male candidates and elected representatives. First, the Gender Barometer questioned the general population of the Republic of Moldova via a national representative survey, on a sample of 1115 persons. Second, the Gender Barometer questioned the male and female candidates for local general elections in June 2015. This helped to clarify the specific challenges of the election campaign and of the party activity for women and men. Third, the survey targeted the specific activities of the locally elected women and men.

The infographics were created by UN Women Moldova, under the “Women in Politics” UN Programme, which was implemented by UN Women and UNDP in partnership with East Europe Foundation and ‘Partnership for Development’ Center, with financial support from the Government of Sweden.

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