Peace and security and engendering humanitarian action

Photo: UN Women

Natural disasters have devastating consequences and often exacerbate gender inequality between women and men. Women’s participation is vital to sustainable recovery operations, yet they are often excluded from reconstruction processes.

Strengthening the inclusion of women and gender considerations in disaster risk reduction processes is an increasingly important focus for UN Women in Serbia.

UN Women in Action in Serbia

Following massive floods in Serbia in May 2014, UN Women in Serbia in partnership with the Ombudsman of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina initiated a pilot intervention to include rural women in disaster risk reduction processes.

Focusing on selected Vojvodina municipalities, the initiative aims to enhance the capacities of women and women's NGOs to participate in disaster risk reduction processes. It also works to have local authorities consider gender issues in disaster risk reduction programmes. The initiative builds on long-standing cooperation between UN Women and the Provincial Ombudsman to enhance the latter’s gender sensitive performance and strengthen its links with rural women and their associations.

UN Women also supports UN efforts technical assistance on disaster risk reduction and gender equality.