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Infographic: Gender-responsive budgeting in Albania

10 May 2017

Gender-responsive budgeting is an innovative public policy tool that comprehensively assesses gender gaps in public budgets and identifies key actions to close them. In Albania, almost all ministries now have clear gender equality objectives in their budget planning. In 2017, they have committed a total of USD 91 million, the largest state budget committed to advancing gender equality in the country. More

Women are challenging work place stereotypes in Kazakhstan

05 May 2017

These inspiring stories were among many more recently showcased in the hugely successful #YesSheCan photo exhibition, organized by UN Women's Multi Country Office in Central Asia. Exhibited across Kazakhstan’s main cities in shopping centres, universities and museums, more than 800,000 people, especially youth, learned about these exceptional Kazak women who are making their mark in traditionally male dominated professions. More

Photo Essay: Moldovan woman councillor slows traffic and saves lives

07 March 2017

After Veronica Spânachi’s husband was killed in a car accident in front of their home, she vowed to make her town’s roads safer so others wouldn’t endure a similar tragedy. A UN Women-supported National Mentorship Program for Women Councillors, called Inspir-o!, helped her to fulfil her vow. More

1 - 3 of 3 Results