National planning and budgeting

Photo: Imrana Kapetanovic

National plans and budgets are where governments begin to translate commitments to women into practical steps to achieve gender equality. Too often plans and budgets are inadequately funded and fail to monitor public services to ensure that they respond to women’s needs and priorities.

Implementing commitments to gender equality requires innovative public policy tools like gender-responsive budgeting (GRB), which comprehensively assesses gender gaps and identifies actions to close them. UN Women advocates for transparent and adequate public financing for gender equality, including adopting gender-responsive budgets that channel adequate resources to both women and men.

Bosnia and Herzegovina and other South East European countries and the Republic of Moldova have identified integration in the European Union (EU) as a long-term goal. They have affirmed their commitment to improve the accountability and transparency of public polices, allowing entry points to introduce gender-responsive budgeting and apply it as a public policy tool. 

UN Women provides support to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s introduction of gender-responsive budgeting through a UN Women regional programme to help central and local governments implement their gender equality commitments by fully integrating gender-responsive budgeting into national and local planning and budgeting systems.

The regional Promoting Gender Responsive Policies in South East Europe and the Republic Of Moldova programme also aims to develop the capacity of non-governmental actors to use gender-responsive budgeting as a tool to hold governments accountable for gender equality commitments.

This multi-country project covers activities in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Moldova that encourage sub-regional cooperation and the exchange of innovative gender responsive budgeting ideas and good practices. 

Download a fact sheet  on UN Women's work in National Planning and Budgeting in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

UN Women in action in Bosnia and Herzegovina: 

  • Development of gender action plans in five municipalities
  • Inclusion of a gender module in the Budget Management Information System at State and Entity levels
  • Gender-responsive budgeting analysis of key policy documents in eight sectors and government programmes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska
  • Strengthened communication between the Ministry of Finance and the gender mechanisms on gender-responsive budgeting