Women in Moldova foster ICT skills and explore the world of codes

They are motivated professionals who are not afraid of challenges, and nobody would say that this field is unsuitable for them. We are talking about women who have developed a career in IT, who have just started a new job, or just dropped out of other faculties, or quit other jobs, and started to explore the „world of codes”. Secure jobs, decent working conditions, spacious offices, or the opportunity to work wherever they are, tempt hundreds of women to show that they can make a change in society, and the technological progress enhances their chances to show that they can deal successfully with chalenges related to this field.

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

In order to support women’s involvement and motivation to start a career in IT, Moldovan Association of ICT Companies, supported by UN Women Moldova and Sweden, in the framework of the ”Women’s empowerment in IT” project, launched, in 2018, a national IT training programme for women and girls.

Within the first stage of the programme, over 1000 of women and girls from different fields postponed their professional or study routine, focusing on the desire to develop their abilities in programming languages. During 6 months, they had been learning about codes and functions in online format. Due to the success recorded, the second stage gathered as much girls and women who would like to work in the field of innovative technical solutions.

Tatiana Moga, beneficiary of the ”Women’s empowerment in IT” project

Having 17 years experience in real estate evaluation and consultancy, Tatiana Moga decided to „push the envelope” of her knowledge. She chose to complete a Software testing course at Tekwill, being convinced that „IT is no longer a job of the future but rather a part of present. Moreover, the real estate evaluation services are already connected to IT, and both fields require critical thinking, passion, continuous self-education and dedication. The maternity leave was the appropriate period to learn something new: on the one hand, I raise my child, and on the other hand, I learn some new information, and develop my abilities in a new field.”

As the consultancy services field is overloaded, Tatiana Moga is sure that, in the future, shifting to IT will offer new opportunities – a remuneration proportional to her efforts, professional development, along with the possibility to spend more time with her family.

Ina Focșa, beneficiary of the ”Women’s empowerment in IT” project 

Ina Focșa had been working as a content manager for a Moldovan media company for 10 years, and after her maternity leave ended, the Covid-19 pandemic spoiled her plans. She did not manage to return to her workplace. She decided to improve her knowledge in IT sector gained over 10 years ago at the faculty of computers, information technologies and modern languages at Moldova Technical University. Thus, she chose to complete a Software testing course, as while working as a content manager she had to deal with products testing, but she needed an official confirmation of her knowledge. At the moment, the information received during the course is enough for Ina Focșa to be able to work in product testing sector, or to have a job which would combine management abilities and software testing ones.

Mariana Zubcu, beneficiary of the ”Women’s empowerment in IT” project 

After having worked in architecture and cadastre sector, Mariana Zubcu realized that in order to keep developing herself, a professional reorientation is needed. She decided to focus on a profession that would offer a long-term fulminant development. After having completed several IT introductory courses, she decided to pass the Software testing course offered by Tekwill, where she managed to strengthen her knowledge, learned something new and to pass successfully all the tests within the classes. „The IT sector is like our globe, and in order to learn about each continent, you have to work hard. I am ready to overcome challenges at a new workplace, thus participating in the development of society via technical solutions” – Mariana shared.

Ana Paladi, beneficiary of the ”Women’s empowerment in IT” project

The maternity leave was like a boost which determined to escape from daily routine, and try something new. It is about Ana Paladi. After graduating from the faculty of economy and business management at „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi, and having been working as a sales manager in telecommunications industry for some years, she decided to challenge herself discovering IT. Previously, she did not have any experience in IT but, being supported by her husband, who is a programmer, she decided to pass the Software testing course. She completed it successfully, and is going to improve her knowledge in order to learn more about testing. Her partner’s experience showed her that IT specialists are in great demand. She realized that this field is actual, convenient and offers various opportunities. Anna wants to develop an IT career, thus contributing to a better society for next generations.

Oxana Chicu, beneficiary of the ”Women’s empowerment in IT” project 

16 years of experience in insurance sector do not prevent you from learning something new! With this conviction, Oxana Chicu applied for a Software testing course offered by Tekwill. She completed it successfully, gained new abilities and is going to apply them in practice at her workplace. At the moment, she tests new software products in her company, and the knowledge gained are just suitable for growing professionally. „IT is required in other sectors as well, and in the near future, each of us will have to acquire digital abilities” Oxana Chicu mentioned, emphasizing her motivation to keep developing herself.

The "Women’s empowerment in IT" project has been launched in June 2018, by the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies, in collaboration with UN Women and financed by Sweden. The main goal of the project is to promote gender equality via information and communications technologies, as well as to raise awareness of the fact that information technologies are tools which allow a creation of a society where men and women can contribute and participate substantially and equally. The activities done within the project encourage Moldovan women and girls to value their potential and vocation, and to succeed as professionals, leaders or entrepreneurs.